It’s NOT the thought that counts

I don’t always take the time to act on the things I think of doing.  If “it’s the thought that counts” then I’m doing AWESOME because I think of doing a lot of great things.  However, it’s not the thought that counts its the action.  Who ever came up with that saying anyways?  I hope it was someone on the receiving end of a kind gesture that didn’t really like a gift they were given and was like, “it’s the thought that counts”.  Not the other way around as I usually use it. Like when I’ve done a half ass job on something and as an excuse say, “it’s the thought that counts”, in some weak attempt to make myself feel better. 

Today one of my students missed class.  The parent posted a nice comment on the class Facebook page saying that she forgot about preschool today and her little girl was crying and so sad she missed it.  She thanked me for the fact that her daughter loves coming to school so much.  I texted the mom and asked if I could drop something off to her.  I took her a Dr. Seuss hat kit and rice krispy treat, nothing really. It was so simple and not a big deal to do at all.  The mom texted me later saying how much it meant to the little girl and to her.  As I left their house I realized there are many days that I’m too busy to do something and wouldn’t have taken the time to stop by their house.  Or I would use that as an excuse to not go drop something off.  It literally took ten minutes.  I tell this story as a reminder to myself to act on the little things.  Even small gestures of care are important and meaningful.  I feel good knowing I did something that made someone else happy.  Even if it was small and simple. 

Note to self: Always ACT on ideas to show someone I care about them, no matter how small the act may be.