Your Private Is Showing

Remember the old cliche, you bring home a date and your mom gets out your embarrassing baby pictures and starts showing them off?  Well clearly this is an old fashioned thing of the past.  Thanks to the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and family blogs you can now find out far more than most people want to know about a person.  Am I the only person that gets a little nervous about the fact that we are posting pictures of our kids and everything they do?  Have you read some of these family blogs?  What used to be written inside a diary and sealed with a lock and key, is now out there shared with the world.  Pictures that used to be kept in a scrapbook at home are now available anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Heck, I know what some people eat everyday, what their workout routine is and most everything they do.  We are adults and control what we put out there.  Our kids however have no control over what we put out there on them.  How do you say, “don’t speak to strangers” when the “stranger” knows everything about you?  What will this information be used for in the future by peers, teachers, employers etc.?  We don’t know.

I guess I’m old fashioned.  Honestly, the older I get and the direction I see the world moving in the more “old fashioned” I become.   Don’t get me wrong there are many great things about all the above mentioned social media.  I love being able to see and keep in touch with family and friends that I would otherwise not.  Technology can and is used in so many great ways.  I just think some things need to remain private.  Everyone doesn’t need to know everything about each other.  What seems like a good idea today may not be a good idea tomorrow.  We need to always be in control of the “private parts” of our lives. 

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